Welcome to Cycle.land

We're a community of bike sharers, connecting people who are passionate about cycling, sharing, and travelling. Cycle.land is a peer-to-peer social marketplace, providing a global platform for people to share and borrow bikes.

By more efficiently allocating bikes to riders, bike sharing makes effective use of existing resources rather than creating more bikes. We believe that bikes are the future of sustainable urban transport.

We launched in Oxford 27 April 2016 with the idea to make bikes easily available and affordable to anyone everywhere. Joining Cycle.land is free and easy. We are a bike sharing platform that enables a variety of bike sharing. In the past year, we’ve grown above and beyond and have successfully worked with global companies such as OFO and Mobike to launch and manage large-scale bikeshare schemes across multiple cities. This experience has prepared us for the next stage of the company.

We have recently formed a joint venture with Youon, China's largest and most successful public bikeshare company. Youon is well known in China and is supported by Alibaba's financial affiliate, Ant Financial. Youon is the parent company to HelloTranstech (formerly Hellobike) who is a leader in mobility in China, having raised over $1.2 billion from Alibaba, with Softbank also looking to invest.

We couldn’t have dreamed of reaching this level of success without the backing of our community, who have been there for us since we spun out of Oxford University Innovation.

In Oxford, we also offer pool bikes to closed communities and an e-bike for staff members of Oxford University Innovation!

As a young company we are constantly testing, trying, and adjusting how to do bike-sharing better. In the spirit of sharing, we want you to be as much a part of building the Cycle.land community as we are. You can meet the team and send us a message.

Let us know your thoughts, ideas, and user experiences. We are here for you before, during, and after you share or rent a bike. We would love to hear from you. So please get in touch.

Ride on!

Agne Milukaite

Founder of Cycle.land