Hackathons have been a thing for quite a while now. Rooted in programming events meant to cut through all the managerial hassle that comes with coordinating people to work on specific projects, they have quickly grown to include every area under the sun, essentially becoming secular megachurches of the thriving DIY ethic.

Their premise is simple - you either get there with something you want to 'hack' on for a couple of days, or help someone else do the same. No matter how small or big the problem you’re trying to solve is, everyone's welcome to try and you're sure to find lots of like-minded, proactive people at these events. The point is to meet new friends while trying to make the world a better place.

And that is exactly what CycleHack is all about. This niche hackathon was born from a conversation between two British cycling enthusiasts back in 2014. They wanted to get people excited about cycling to collectively solve the issues afflicting their favorite mode of transportation.

This led to a modest Kickstarter campaign which ended up attracting just slightly over their set 5000£ target, allowing them to organize the first event.

Word spread quickly and in 2015 there were CycleHack events popping up all over the world. This year expansion hasn't stopped and over 50 cities are hosting their own events worldwide.

With so many people from all walks of life pooling their talent and skills in a shared mission to make cycling a more attractive way to get around, great things are bound to emerge.

We met with Johanna, a founder of CycleHack at Oxford’s first cycling hackathon “Pedalling Innovation” in February 2016. That’s when we first learned about CycleHack and awesome cycling hacks that have been discovered because of their hackathons. Here at Cycle.land we are ecstatic about the ingenuity of the people participating in CycleHack and although we were too busy with the countless different things fresh startups have to deal with to participate this year, we will make it our priority to do so when the next event rolls around.

If you will be around any of the locations specified at http://www.cyclehack.com/cyclehack-2016 over this weekend and would like to join the fun, be sure to send them a request for an invite, there’s still time!

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