While car drivers have the luxury of their navigation systems having huge screens mounted in clearly visible spaces, devices which issue verbal commands that do not distract, are succinct and clear, the same could not be said for those used by cyclists.

It is not easy to navigate on a bicycle in a new city. Usually, we are forced to stop every once in a while to check directions on our phones, putting ourselves at greater risk of being hit by moving vehicles.

That's why here at Cycle.land we are very excited about Blubel, the new product that promises to end cyclists' frustration of not having a comfortable navigation system.

Essentially Blubel is a simple bike bell which also tells you where to go.

An easy-to-use app allows you to plan your route and once your Blubel is synced through Bluetooth, the phone can be stashed away for the remainder of your journey. Its minimal design offers as little distraction from the road ahead as possible while guiding you to your destination. Sun glare is abysmally annoying if you use a phone as a GPS device, a feature Blubel doesn't share.

This innovative gadget has been in development since March of 2015 and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get it through the final push and into the hands of the cycling community. They have a great team, led by CEO Sasha Afanasieva and have already received over a hundred donations just three days into their campaign! We briefly chatted with Sasha about her inspiration. She said:

"I was amazed at how collaborative the cycling community in London is; sharing tips and information on forums and communities, and even helping strangers on the road. This got me thinking about how fantastic it would be to have a navigation device that pooled this knowledge to find the safest routes for cyclists of all levels."
"Cycling transforms our cities and has the capacity to reduce pollution and make people fitter and happier. I believe that the key to unlocking this potential is through making cycling easy and stress-free for everyone. Blubel aims to do just that! ” 

If you love cycling, this is definitely a product to get behind!

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