and Mobike Pedal with Panache into Oxford

We're excited about our partnership with Mobike - the world's largest smart bike sharing scheme - for its launch in Oxford.

On Halloween, the 31st October, Oxford will awaken to vibrant splashes of orange around Oxford's city centre. I know what you're thinking...pumpkins. 

But no. The folk of Oxford will rather be faced with the unmissable orange of Mobike's stylish and slick flagship bikes. The number of bikes will slowly increase to meet local demand and according to the guidelines of the Oxford Code of Conduct for dockless bike sharing to which contributed.


The launch of Mobike has come at an exciting time. Just last week Oxford proudly announced its aim to become the world's first zero emission zone and one of the greatest cycling cities in Europe. 

Our mentor Roy Azoulay, of Oxford University Innovation is in full support of our ultimate purpose to disrupt urban transport:  

“It’s very exciting to see this partnership between Mobike and shape up. Oxford University Innovation is supporting which has always been a great example of how innovation and sustainability go hand in hand with their work on shared bike mobility as the next great disruptor in urban transport."
“I am delighted about the and Mobike cooperation as both companies are working towards the same goal: to make bikes available and affordable for as many people as possible. Our ambition is to increase the number of people who cycle every day, which is good for health, reduces congestion, and improves air quality.
— Agne Milukaite, Founder of

Mobike’s UK General Manager Steve Pyer said:

“Oxford‘s city’s bike sharing culture is already very vibrant and the city has long been looking for ways to increase cycling in the city, to allow people to get on a bike when and where they need to. We’re confident that the added value our unique proprietary technology brings to long-term infrastructure planning and our commitment to sustainability, combined with’s in-depth knowledge of bike usage in Oxford, will make us a leading and long-lasting partner of the city.”

Read the full story and press release here.