has arrived in Edinburgh is a social marketplace. It connects people with bikes and makes bike sharing easy.


Share the LOVE of cycling

What better way to share the love of cycling than on the day of St Valentine!  

We love cycling in Edinburgh

We asked people from all over Edinburgh why it is that they LOVE cycling in this beautiful city.

“Through the designated cycle routes you get to find the hidden gems of the city.” NICK

“I love being able to cycle to Portobello from the city. It’s too far to walk there and the bus takes ages. Cycling gives me freedom to go to the beach whenever I like.” LAUREN

“There’s a really good sense of community amongst cyclists. Some of the bike shops here give classes on how to mend your own bike, so you start to feel really independent and attached to your bike as a mode of transport.” ROSIE

“Edinburgh is the perfect-sized city for cycling. If you ignore the topography! Sweating up those hills is hard work, but it definitely keeps you fit.” STEVE

“Travelling to work on a bike isn’t an ordeal like it can be if you’re in a car stuck in traffic. And you feel fantastic when you arrive, it’s great to have exercise built into your routine.” GEORGE

Read a full interview with Ross from Inverness. He cycles every day in Edinburgh on his bright red 12-speed racer. A student at Edinburgh University and part-time barista, he hasn't once got a bus in the 9 months that he's lived here. He brought his bike with him all the way from Australia and says he couldn't live the life that he does without it. Meet the cyclist: Ross Wallace.

Ross would like to see more people cycling in the city. With a large student and tourist population in Edinburgh, quick and easy access to bikes is desirable but isn't always possible. can provide bikes to those that need them.

WHY use

If you have a bike that isn’t being ridden 24/7, why not share it? Or if you haven’t got a bike, why not borrow one from someone who does?

It's super convenient

Bikes don’t have to be expensive or difficult to get hold of but if you’re in the city for a short amount of time it can be time-consuming and a bit of a hassle to buy a bike.  Bike sharing solves the problems of buying, storing, and re-selling.

Get rich!

Well, not exactly. But by renting your bike through you can earn a little extra income that you otherwise wouldn’t have, with minimal effort on your part. 

Support the causes you care about

By sharing your bike, you can also support other causes. For example, all the proceeds from Ruby, the humanitarian bike, go to support the Migration and Refugee Tech Projects. Your bike sharing can do a lot of good.

Be part of something exciting

Believe in the sharing economy and the power of cycling to transform lives.

Copenhagen has become the first city in the world to have more bikes on the road than cars. They are way ahead of us in being a low carbon city. A huge reason for this success is their focus on sustainable transport.

Do you want to go on a day trip but you don’t have the right sort of bike to tackle the terrain? can provide suitable bikes for every type of journey.

Did you know there is a cycle route that runs from Edinburgh to Loch Lomond that is traffic free and takes you along the Union Canal? It is awesome in the summer! 

Reasons to join us

Do you have friends visiting who could benefit from using bikes to explore the city? Do you need a faster way to get to work without relying on public transport? Do you often need to nip across the city to get to various meetings? Do you want to make a bit of extra cash? Do you want to cycle but you don’t have a bike? Do you have plenty of bike storage and too many bikes? Would you like to meet locals in Edinburgh who can tell you about the best places to cycle? Do you want to connect to people by sharing with them your awesome bicycle? Are you a tourist visiting the city for a short amount of time and need a bike? Do you have a bike but you don’t use it? Do you have multiple bikes and you only use one of them? Are you looking to get more active but are unsure about committing to buying a bike? Are you interested in the sharing economy? Do you want to help tackle climate change and make our cities greener?

All these are excellent reasons to choose

Lend a bike, borrow a bike, or both! We’d love to welcome you to our growing community.

Many of the bikes listed on are owned by individuals keen to share their wheels peer-to-peer. We also have bikes listed by organisations, such as The Bike Station that provides fully maintained and tested second-hand bikes, or from ELREC Communities for Conservation, and charities such as Charlotte's Tandems

We want to make bikes available and affordable to everyone everywhere.

Charlotte's Tandems offers tandem bikes for FREE for people with disabilities so that they can share in the love of cycling too. Charlotte’s Tandems can be rented through in various locations, including in Edinburgh has already launched in Oxford in 2016 and has over 1000 active users. We’re supported by Oxford University Innovation Incubator and Cambridge Social Ventures at Cambridge Judge Business School. We've recently secured seed funding and are expanding into Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bristol, Brighton and East London.

Bike sharing can take place globally! You can lend and borrow a bike wherever you are. We currently also have bikes available in Germany, Lithuania, China and Canada

We’re a friendly team

We think of ourselves as "learning machines" - constantly testing, trying, and adjusting how to do bike sharing better. We're also a very new company and are still testing what works and what doesn't. In the spirit of sharing, we want you to be as much a part of building the community as we are. Let us know your thoughts / ideas / user experiences. We are here for you before, during, and after you share or borrow a bike. 

Our main contact for in Edinburgh is Amy Cartwright. If you'd like to get involved with we'd love to hear from you! If you'd like to discuss ideas and collaborations, if you have any questions and queries, or if you are just interested to hear a bit more about what we are doing in Edinburgh, you can contact Amy at 

We believe the bicycle is the next great disrupter in urban mobility. Cycling is brilliant for the environment, health, and happiness. The only fuel you’ll ever run out of is when your legs won’t take it anymore.

Join us :)

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