Women & Bicycles

Woohoo! It's that time of year again to attend an awesome event celebrating women and bicycles and much much more! This year the event has expanded into a two-day festival: Sat 4th and Sun 5th March at East Oxford Community Centre. Book your tickets here.

Broken Spoke Bike Coop in Oxford is hosting a weekend of Women & Bicycles, an event that celebrates and showcases the power and potential of women and cycling. It is by no means restricted to female delegates -- all genders are very much welcome and encouraged to attend. The event is in collaboration with The Adventure Syndicate and is part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival

Speakers include:

  • Josie Dew - author and veteran cycle tourer

  • Isla Rowntree - kid's bike designer and founder of Islabikes

  • Maryam Amatullah - award-winning cycle trainer

  • Alex Feechan - designer and founder of Findra clothing

  • Karen Gee - creator of Cycle Sprog family cycling website

  • Laura Moss - founder of the Cycle Touring Festival

  • Rickie Cotter - mountain bike champion and adventurer

  • Sarah Connolly - women’s cycling commentator and podcaster

  • Kimberley Tew - founder of The Roasting House

  • Lee Craigie - Adventure Syndicate director and cycling legend

  • Naomi Mahendran - founder of The Cycling Store

  • Polly Clark - yoga teacher and mountain bike guide

Women & Bicycles 2016

Women & Bicycles 2016

What to expect

A full programme of influential speakers from all areas of the cycling world.

Practical workshops with Broken Spoke will give you the skills needed to fix and maintain your bike and to feel confident when out on the road. You’ll be taught practical skills on how to pack for a long-distance cycle adventure, and how to overcome the limitations of what you feel you can achieve.

Hear from inspiring adventurists, such as the keynote speaker Rickie Cotter, former UK 24-hour mountain bike champion. Cotter was one of the team of seven women who launched The Adventure Syndicate by riding Scotland’s North Coast 500 route in 36 hours last May. Or Josie Dew, author and touring cyclist who has covered over half a million miles through 48 countries.

Stretch your legs with the Cowley Road Condors who will be leading rides of varying lengths around Oxford.

There will be panel discussions on making space for women and minorities in cycling, including the subject of cycling fashion and finding clothing that fits in gender-neutral colours (thankfully we no longer live in the 1890s!), as well as the fun that can be had by cycling with children.  

Plenty of delicious coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner and cake throughout the two days will keep you boosted.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from one of last year's delegates!

Claire attended ‘Women & Bicycles’ in 2016. She cycles daily in London from her narrowboat home to where she works in Hackney

Claire on her narrowboat in London

Claire on her narrowboat in London

"I thoroughly enjoyed my day at "Women & Bicycles" and felt completely inspired to get out on the road, tour across the world and learn how to fix my own bike! I even contemplated a career change to being a bike mechanic and will certainly be going back to Broken Spoke to learn more..

I totally related to the frustration of not being able to fix your own bike and often being treated differently as a female customer at a bike repair shop. I loved the speakers, they were engaging and inspiring.

It’s great to have events that are specifically tailored to women, as it can help women feel more comfortable in getting involved, but at the same time I think men should feel very welcome too! I've never thought of cycling as a predominantly male activity. I've ridden a bike since I was 5, cycled through London with my Dad when I was 10 and I’ve never not owned a bike. My brother did all these things too of course but I've never questioned the gender divide.

As with a lot of things in modern life, most of us don't know how to fix and repair but often toss aside and replace instead. I think you can feel empowered when you know how you can fix things and it makes you value them a whole lot more. Bikes can be the starting point to extend that knowledge to other things in your life!

I thought it was very well organised, and the food was particularly great."

More information on why you shouldn't miss the event, here. 

We hope to see you there! :)

The Cycle.land Team

2017 co-organisers include: Meike Clever, Cat Gunn, Karen McCallum, Kat Young, Eleanor Smith, and Cycle.land's very own Agne Milukaite

2017 co-organisers include: Meike Clever, Cat Gunn, Karen McCallum, Kat Young, Eleanor Smith, and Cycle.land's very own Agne Milukaite