in Cambridge has arrived in Cambridge, the city of bikes

We are really excited to announce that has launched in Cambridge!

Since launching in April 2016 in Oxford, launched last month in Edinburgh and has now arrived in 'Britain's cycling capital'. 

What is is a social marketplace. It connects people with bikes and makes bike sharing easy by providing a platform for bike sharing and bike rentals and creating a community of bike sharers. aims to build a UK-wide community of enthusiastic, socially engaged cyclists who borrow bikes, reduce car traffic, and share tips on the best places to cycle. app

How does work? bike sharing platform is easy to use - users simply sign in online from their smartphone or laptop, find a bike they wish to borrow and book it directly with the owner in a couple of clicks. Bikes are accessed via regular or combination locks. 

Bikes already available on

Among early adopters are residents and local businesses who are using platform to advertise the bikes available for rent. Already, there is a variety of bikes listed to choose from: comfortable road bike, electric cargo bike, and vintage bikes. A number of bike shops in Cambridge signed up, such as Bicycle Ambulance, Davis's Enchanted Bicycles and Primo Cycles. Their rental bikes are listed on the platform, ready to be rented and ridden. Bikes are also available from cycling organisations such as Outspoken Cycles that are a cycle courier and also deliver bike maintenance training, mobile bike mechanic services, and cycle-themed events. 

By connecting people with bikes, creates communities of bike sharers who always have access to bicycles as well as local knowledge of the best routes and places to cycle to. The team is very excited about launching in Cambridge! In Cambridge, there are so many bikes that are currently standing locked up and unused.’s bike sharing model unlocks the assets of these currently unused bikes. People who might have a bike that they generally leave in the city for an occasional ride can now put it on the website and share it with someone who might need a bike for a weekend, a week or a month. attended a Social Venture Weekend at Cambridge Judge Business School in 2016 where's Founder, Agne Milukaite and Co-Founder, Peter Ebson first met Mark Goodson. Since became incubated by Cambridge Social Ventures, Mark is now one of's mentors. He is also one of Cambridge's many cycle commuters and cycling ambassadors.   

I’ve been cycling around Cambridge for 30 years. It’s the best way to see the city and I’m looking forward to hiring bikes for friends who come to visit. A lot of people have more than one bike and to be able to make a bit of income from renting those out is a great idea. I’m excited to be supporting
— Mark Goodson

Supporting Innovation in urban Transport

Last month, took part in the Cambridge Transport Hack held at the IMF, Cambridge University. It brought together coders, designers, transport professionals, local tech groups, students and young minds, to participate in solving transport problems in Cambridge. It was a weekend filled with innovative ideas, and realistic and scalable plans for the future of our cities.

Juan Canavera-Herrera, Cambridge PhD student in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment, was part of the group with the winning idea and will be going to Montreal to take part in the first Y4PT (Youth for Public Transport) transport hack. 

"Cambridge is very touristic so I see as being a useful form of mobility for the floating population. Cambridge has a big student population, which is another good focus. Students who are here short-term often do not want to invest in a bike because it is expensive and they don’t want the hassle of selling it after they leave.

People like to have options because it gives them the power to choose. E.g with Airbnb you have the options of many different styles of homes. bike sharing allows options too. You can choose whether you want to borrow a fixie, a town bike, a unicycle, or an electric bike. 

I think that there is a generational shift and young people these days care less about cars than the generation before. Bikes are a cheaper, healthier, more environmentally friendly alternative to cars. What is exciting about is that it has created a bike sharing model that allows us to use the resources we have, rather than producing more."  - Juan Canavera-Herrera

Join us

We are constantly testing, trying, and adjusting how to do bike sharing better. In the spirit of sharing, we want you to be as much a part of building the community as we are. Let us know your thoughts / ideas / user experiences. We are here for you before, during, and after you share or borrow a bike. 

Our main contact for in Cambridge is Amy Cartwright. If you'd like to get involved with we'd love to hear from you! If you'd like to discuss ideas and collaborations, if you have any questions and queries, or if you are just interested to hear a bit more about what we are doing in Cambridge, you can contact

We are also on the lookout for volunteers to be our cycling ambassadors and help in lots of different areas within our fast-growing company. You can sign up to be a volunteer here.

We believe the bicycle is the next great disrupter in urban mobility. Cycling is brilliant for the environment, health, and happiness. The only fuel you’ll ever run out of is when your legs won’t take it anymore.

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