Tired of pedalling around?

Cycle.land has teamed up with Google to bring the next generation of bikes to your doorstep 

Cycle.land has teamed up with Google to introduce the self-driving bicycle across the UK. The self-driving bicycle was already tested in Amsterdam where it has been very successful with a few billion kilometres cycled last year. Google Netherlands team worked on this innovation that now will be brought first to the UK and then globally.  

Cycle.land, launched in Oxford last April by Oxford University graduate, and recently expanded into Edinburgh and Cambridge. The company has the ambition to become the global bike sharing company connecting people with bikes. The idea was born whilst the Oxford University student Agne Milukaite, like the rest of the local student community, used a bike to get around the city. Cycling was second-nature to the native Lithuanian who hailed from a 'biking town', and so it became the germ of an idea for an online bike-sharing scheme.

Milukaite said she is very excited to be partnering up with Google to enable Cycle.land members to enjoy self-driving bicycles. “It is very exciting that the same technology that makes cars so attractive is finally available for cyclists."

For only £2 a day, Cycle.land members in Oxford, Cambridge, and Edinburgh can rent a self-driving Google bike.