One year older, ten years' wiser

We are celebrating our first birthday today! 

WOW! 1 YEAR! Just like any other 1 year old, has taken us on a journey: an inspiring, fast moving, full of love, commitment, education, and development journey.

The year 1 in pictures <3

Thanks for being part of year 1

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our first year. 

Bikes are great and we had a chance to ride many of them. But people are the most awesome and we met so many amazing people this year. We’ve been lucky to have had amazing mentors who continue to guide us, team members who keep on innovating and bringing the company ahead, bike sharers who trust their precious bikes to strangers and bike borrowers who continue to take exciting journeys on someone else's bike.

Here is to another wonderful year in! <3

How many'ers fit on a tandem?