Dear Community,

The Oxford cycling community is shaken by a tragedy that happened this week. Claudia Comberti, a doctoral student at the Environmental Change Institute, was killed on her bike on Tuesday.

At, we are in shock. One of our team members, Jake, spoke with Claudia just 20 hours before. And she was killed on the road just 50 metres from our office.

Claudia was a cycling activist and a regular at the Broken Spoke. Today at 7 pm, her friends at Broken Spoke are organising a ride to celebrate Claudia’s life, to give space and time to express emotions that are in the community, and to claim the road from Broad Street to Botley Road for this period of time. Everybody is invited to come and for more details, you can check the Facebook event page:

Broken Spoke wrote a beautiful post about Claudia:

Many from the cycling community knew Claudia who was working on making a positive impact on the environment, on communities, on a better world. Her life was cut short.

There is a lot of grief, sadness, and anger in the cycling community about this tragedy that should not have happened and needs never to happen again. Between 1999 and 2017, there were six cycling fatalities in Oxford. This seems like a small number, but it is six people too many. No one in Oxford should ever die from getting hit by a car or bus when riding a bike.

Cycling is the safest and healthiest way to get around Oxford. But more needs to be done to prevent fatalities like this and to encourage private and professional motor vehicle drivers to use the roads with kindness and understanding towards the safety of the cyclists.

We live in a city where we get to lectures, work, shop and meet our friends on a bike. We expect that in a city like Oxford when we carry out these activities, there is no chance at all that we will ever get hit by a car or bus.



Photo credit: Meike Clever.