"I like that Cycle.land bike sharing is based on trust. It's very convenient with a combination lock. It was so easy!"

NAME: Adrien

LOCATION: Cambridge 

WHAT DO YOU DO: I'm studying engineering in Nantes, France but I'm in Cambridge doing an internship with Cancer Research UK for 5 months.  

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO CYCLE.LAND: I already own a bike (I arrived in Cambridge on a Sunday, and by the Monday I had bought one) but my friend was visiting from France and we wanted to go on a bike ride, so I needed to find a bike for her. I was talking to some friends in a bar and they told me they'd heard of Cycle.land and that I could rent one from there. 

WHAT WAS YOUR TRUSTED STEED OF CHOICE: I chose Bike with basket and great suspension because it looked strong for the countryside. My friend is quite little so I worried the bike would be too big, but the seat was at a good height.

HOW LONG DID YOU RENT IT FOR: For two days while my friend was in town.

WHERE DID YOU GO WITH THE BIKE: We went in the southern villages of Cambridge (Babraham, Sawston, Newton, Harston, Grantchester, Trumpington and back in Cambridge), it is a mix of field paths, roads and cycle lanes, and it is quite flat.

DO YOU HAVE A CYCLE STORY, OR TIP YOU CAN SHARE:  I like descending stairs with my bike... sometimes.  


Photo credit: header photo by Adrien Jacquin taken on his bike ride in the countryside around Cambridge