One small cycle at a time

What began with one Ruby-red bike belonging to Krizia Delgado is turning into a national fleet of Humanitarian Bikes looking set to change the world one small cycle at a time.

A Humanitarian Bike is a bicycle that is rented through’s bike share community marketplace to raise funds for refugee and migration projects worldwide.

Designed by Krizia Delgado, it began as a pilot project in Oxford after Krizia collaborated with founder, Agne Milukaite and rented out her bike through the platform to raise money for global humanitarian projects. The project has since expanded to include a small fleet of bikes, soon to be a big fleet of bikes as the donations continue to roll in. Anyone who is looking to get rid of a bike can donate it to the fleet.

At we are hugely excited by how many people have contacted us to donate their bikes to support the project. Thank you so much! Krizia, Head of Science and Innovation at the British Embassy in Mexico City, is thrilled that her idea is taking off.

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"I am super excited and overwhelmed by the positive response this project has had. It has been very meaningful to receive support from the community in different ways.

Krizia Delgado

"The Department of International Development (QEH) has continuously been supportive of the project and they now want to include it in their annual Development magazine, which is amazing! The father of a former MSc Migration Studies alumnus, donated a bike that will become the first humanitarian bike in St Antony's college. Some other students have been donating their bikes in a very humble way to support humanitarian funding. This has made me believe that an "impact sharing-economy model" is truly possible. The way we consume and produce in today's society is increasingly becoming more conscious. And if through our regular economic activities we are able to impact directly in humanitarian projects, even better!

Another way of support we have received is through networking. My college, Blackfriars,  put me in touch with Estate Services Department at the University and because of that we were able to ignite an overwhelming response. Together with Broken Spoke and the Oxford City Council, the Estate Services Department allowed us to take some bikes from the lot of abandoned and removed ones from the city. Plus, they gave us funding to refurbish the bikes!" 

"We are still in the process of finalising the countdown of this first phase of donations. We will soon announce the number of bikes that will join the Oxford Humanitarian Bike Fleet. Hopefully this will inspire even more people to donate. We want humanitarian bikes to be all around the city, and all all around the world!

Another exciting thing that happened is that we got a donated bike in London! We are now figuring out where to place it. Ideally it could be at a university or a community centre. If you have any suggestions please write to us. We are also looking to expand to Cambridge and Edinburgh, all we need is one bike to start the fleet. Hopefully we can get a donation from these cities in the upcoming weeks." 


Our mechanic, Piotr has been collecting the bikes, fixing them,  and meeting each person that donates. 

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"I heard about the project on St Antony's GCR page. My flatmate and I have decided to donate our bikes because we have realised that some people are in far more need of those bikes than we are in need of the money we could get from selling them." - student at St Antony's College, Oxford
"I bought the bike (pre-owned) last year since my twin daughters got places from St. Barnabas primary school, a mile away from my flat. I bought the bike and a trailer, linked them together, to commute my kids everyday. Kids loved it. I loved it, too. I am sure it will be your reliable commuting partner, as it was to us." - Thomas Dongsob Ahn, resident of Oxford


So far we have Humanitarian Bikes in Oxford and in Edinburgh, but we are looking to expand the project to include Cambridge, London, Brighton, Bristol, and Mexico City where Krizia is based. A humanitarian bike in Edinburgh can be found outside the Grassmarket Community cafe. We would love to receive some donations to expand the fleet to more cities. accepts donations of all bikes.’s mechanics make sure that all bikes are fixed to a very high standard to ensure they are fun and safe to ride. The bikes are regularly checked and maintained throughout their time in the fleet.