Exciting times at Cycle.land - we opened up our second crowdfunding campaign on November 26th and reached our initial target in just 3 days. Now we are going for our second target - £200,000. There is still time to join our 225 investors: www.seedrs.com/cycleland1


There are many reasons why we love crowdfunding on Seedrs, here are just a few:

  1. Democratic platform that allows anyone to invest. The minimum investment in this round is £10.45. You can get a slice of Cycle.land for the similar price as a pizza, one month of Netflix subscription, or three weekends of Financial Times.

  2. We love their neat legal structure called “nominee structure” - this ensures that Seedrs investors receive the professional-grade protections they deserve and companies don’t end up with messy and hard-to-manage cap tables. Learn more here.

  3. Seedrs has some superb alumni, such as Revolut, Perkbox, and Oppo Ice Cream among many others.

  4. Seedrs makes it very easy to claim SEIS/EIS tax benefits.

During our first crowdfunding campaign, our focus was on growing our peer-to-peer bike sharing community. We provided a platform which made it easy for anyone to share their bikes with one another. Since then, we’ve grown above and beyond and have successfully worked with global companies such as OFO and Mobike to launch and manage large-scale bikeshare schemes across multiple cities. This experience has prepared us for the next stage of the company.

We have recently formed a joint venture with Youon, China's largest and most successful public bikeshare company. It was covered on Techcrunch. Youon is well known in China and is supported by Alibaba's financial affiliate, Ant Financial. Youon is the parent company to HelloTranstech (formerly Hellobike) who is a leader in mobility in China, having raised over $1.2 billion from Alibaba and Softbank.

We couldn’t have dreamed of reaching this level of success without the backing of our community, who have been there for us since we spun out of Oxford University Innovation.

 In our next phase of growth, we are excited to be opening a small crowdfunding round to bring our community on our journey once more.

 To learn more about our campaign, check out our Seedrs pitch here.