• You must carry out a simple check of the bike before you ride it! Check that the brakes and lights (turn the front wheel where the dynamo is integrated in the hub and check front and back light) are working, that the tyre pressure, chain are alright, etc. Make sure that the saddle is adjusted to your height before you start riding. If you find any problems, do not use the bike! Please report the problem to the respective emails of the Community Bike stands:
    Castle Mill:
    Lady Margaret Hall:
    Summertown House:
  • Personal protective equipment is advisable for cyclists: we recommend using helmets, high-visibility clothing, bike clips, etc.
  • Please do not use earphones or mobile phones when cycling.
  • Only experienced cyclists should use the Community Bikes. If you are in doubt, please contact the respective abovementioned email so we can arrange for free cycle training with the Broken Spoke bike coop.


  • Be aware of the driver’s blind spot when passing lorries and buses. It is often safer to hang back.
  • Pay attention to what is going on around you, and be aware of what other road users might do.
  • Try to make eye contact with drivers so that you know they have seen you.
  • Ride assertively, away from the gutter. If the road is too narrow for vehicles to pass you safely, it may be better to ride in the middle of the lane to prevent dangerous overtaking.
  • Ride in a straight line past parked cars, rather than dodge between them, and allow at least a full door’s width between you and the car in case the doors are suddenly opened.
  • Wait in front of other vehicles at traffic lights. Use the advance stop line for cyclists if there is one.
  • Do not ride through red traffic lights. You may be fined £30.
  • Use appropriate hand signals when making a left or right turn.
  • Use lights at dusk/after dark. You may be fined £30 if you do not have them.