Community Bikes at LMH




All LMH staff and students can use the Community Bikes at LMH free of charge for up to 15 hours per week. If you want to use the Community Bikes for more than 15 hours per week, please send an email to to sign up as a frequent user. The small charge of £10 per term will contribute towards running the Community Bikes at LMH.The bikes are parked at the Community Bike racks and this is how it works:

  1. You will need to agree to the User Terms & Conditions and sign up to the online booking system for the Community Bikes. You can sign up to the booking system with this link:
  2. Once you sign up you will have access to any of our 5 city cruiser bikes (soon to be extended to 7). These are great bikes, by the way, known for their convenient self-powered lights. In other words, the lights are powered by the front-wheel dynamo hub every time you ride. This makes them safe to ride under any condition, rain or shine, through fog or clear skies, day or night. It also means you will never have to think about getting attachment lights or worry about them getting stolen.
  3. The Red Bike and the Blue Bike are larger - ideal if you are between 173 cm and 189 cm (between 5.6ft and 6.2ft). The Green Bike, the Yellow Bike and the Purple Bike are smaller - ideal if you are between 154cm to 173cm (between 5ft and 5.6ft). You can easily adjust the seat height without any tools by using the quick-release saddle clamp.
  4. You can only use bikes which you have booked in advance, there are 5 bikes which are colour coded (Red Bike, Blue Bike, Green Bike, Yellow Bike and Purple Bike). Just book your bike for as long as you need it and you are all set. You can book the bikes on your smart phones. So if you have not booked a bike in advance you can still do so just when you need it. You can even book it as you walk up to the bikes. However, there is a risk that the bikes will have been booked by someone else.
  5. Please never take any of the LMH CYCLE.LAND POOL BIKE unless you have a booking for it! 
  6. You will receive a confirmation email with the number code for the lock of your bike.
  7. At the time of your booking, go to the LMH CYCLE.LAND POOL BIKE stands and find the bike you booked. E.g. the Red Bike will have a red sticker and will be locked with a combination lock with a red sticker. It is meant to be parked at the side of the stand with the red sticker.
  8. At the end of your booking period, please return the bike to the LMH CYCLE.LAND POOL BIKE stands and lock it up at the side of the stand with the matching sticker (e.g. Red Bike to be parked at the side of the stand with the red sticker).
  9. Please make sure that you plan for enough time for your trip when booking and return the bike before the end of your booking period.
  10. Cycling is not as dangerous as driving, but you do have to be careful, especially around cars! Please carefully read the safety information.