BACKGROUND, supported by University of Oxford Innovation, has launched a social marketplace for bike sharing in Oxford ( Our aim is to create a tight knit community of bike sharers and optimise the quality and quantity of cycling in Oxford. We are keen to assist Pembroke with designing, promoting and operating Pembroke staff and student bike sharing. 

The Pembroke Pool Bikes Project aims to comprehensively improve the cycling experience for students and staff at Pembroke. Please click here to check out how it works.

Pembroke students and staff can rent regularly maintained pool bikes via an online booking system. Cost for renting a bike is £0.50 per 30 minutes. We will tally up the fees over the course of the term and will send you an email when you can pay via Paypal, Stripe, bank transfer or debit/ credit card at the end of the term (a bit like the battels, but easier!). The bikes can be booked at any time, you just need to sign up using the following link:

The bikes are situated in a designated Pembroke Pool Bike Stand. Please see map below. 

We are starting this project with just one bike at first and will add additional bikes if there is sufficient demand. Also, if you need a bike for longer you can easily get a bike from our peer-to-peer bike sharing community at, starting for as little as £0.50 per day!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback:


location of Pool Bikes