Post-Rental Information

We truly hope you enjoyed your ride with us. Make sure to return and lock the bike to the place previously agreed with the owner. You can leave them a little token of appreciation in the form of a thank you note if you wish. If you agreed to return bike lock keys to them, make sure to do this. At this point, you can return to our website and write a review about your bike sharing experience through your inbox. Also, do come back and try out another one of our bikes!

Writing Reviews

Reviews are important to us because they help other users make better decisions about which bikes to rent on our website. View it like a trusted word-of-mouth recommendation that you make to a friend. If the bike owner you rented from responded in a timely fashion, was friendly and polite, left you a little welcome note on the bike or even offered you some tips about where to go in Oxford, we want to hear about it! If the bike was a little too heavy for you or the saddle too high, tell us! Be as precise and informative as possible. Just remember that you are reviewing the bike owner, their bike and their service to you.

To write a review, go to your inbox and click the option to complete the rental period. On the next page, choose the option to provide feedback to the bike user and click continue. You will then be asked ‘how did it go?’ and ‘what was your overall feeling?’. 

Our community thrives on honest, informative and constructive reviews. Don’t be a hater! We will always protect our community members by altering or removing any content that is offensive or destructive to and for others.

After you submit your review, the bike owner you rented from will also have a chance to review you (we hope you made a good impression!). 

Then, pick the next bike you’d love to ride and book it on!

Tips for writing reviews

Writing a review is much like story-telling or telling a friend about your day. You want to give details of where you were, what you did, what happened, how it happened and who was involved. Visualise the experience from start to finish and imagine telling a friend about it. But since this is the internet, and we all have short attention spans in our digital lives, it might be a good idea to practice conciseness! Here are some further tips to get you going:

  1. Plan to have 1 and no more than 3 short paragraphs.
  2. You can choose to talk about any part of the bike sharing experience. Perhaps the one you think might be most useful for other users. (Did the bike owner respond to you quickly? Was the bike were it was supposed to be? Was the bike perfect for your weekend escapade to the countryside?)
  3. Use short but precise sentences and avoid excessive adjectives and adverbs. 
  4. Talk about the bike owner, the bike and the service.
  5. Tell them if you’d be happy to rent from them again!