Pre-rental information

Sign up, Ride on!

We are so happy that you have found us! Start browsing our listed bikes straight away, though we recommend that you create a profile first. We have speedy racing bikes, sturdy town cruisers and even a stationary bike!

Becoming a member is quick and easy. Sign up by entering your details manually or by linking to your Facebook account.

Tell us a little bit about you. 

  • Are you a visitor looking for a way to get around during your stay? We hope you enjoy our city! If you need any help with tips for your trip just ask - we’d love to help. 
  • Do you have a friend visiting this weekend? Would you like to take them on a countryside ride and pub crawl? We’ve got you covered. 

Each bike owner provides their name, photo and contact information, which you can access through the bike listing’s page.

Contact the bike owner by sending them a message as soon as you have picked a bike. 

  1. Introduce yourself - perhaps throw in a few nice words about their sturdy or quirky-looking ride; 
  2. Ask whether their bike is available on the dates you need it;
  3. Suggest handover details. 

We encourage our bike owners to respond quickly. 

When you hear back and the bike is available for you to rent, go back to the bike listing page, type in the agreed pick-up and drop-off dates and click on the “RENT” button. You will then need to complete payment on the following page through PayPal.

That’s it! Your bike is booked! Enjoy your ride.

Before your first ride

  • Check the bike before you ride it (brakes, lights, tyre pressure, chain, etc.). 
  • Contact the owner if you find the bike cannot be ridden (we will help too if they are not available)
  • Think about wearing protective gear: helmet, high-visibility clothing or clips.

When out on the road

your responsibilities 

Our bike owners should feel confident that their bike will be safe with us. This is the cornerstone of the community of which you are part. 

  • Treat the bike you rent as if it were a dear friend’s - because in our world, it is! 
  • Always lock it to a solid, unmoving object.
  • Avoid leaving it overnight in dark, solitary or known unsafe areas.
  • Cycle assertively, joyfully and with prudence. Look around you!
  • Respect road signs. You may be fined £30 if you ride through red lights.
  • Use lights when dark, white (front) and red (back). You may be fined £30 if you don’t have them.
  • Be aware of the driver’s blind sport when passing lorries and buses.
  • Wait in front of other vehicles at traffic lights.
  • Stay a door’s length away from parked cars, you never know when someone might open a door.
  • Signal visibly and appropriately when you turn.