During rental information

Once you have a confirmed reservation, it is time to get your bike into prime form for your user!

Preparing your bike

Give your cyclists a bike that is in the best condition that it can be in. Make sure that the tyres are inflated, the chain well-lubricated, and the gears and brakes working optimally. You can never fully prepare for the completely unexpected, but making your bike as safe as it can be will go a long way to prevent accidents. 

Make the bike sharing experience extra special! If you like, surprise the user with a small bottle of water or hand-written welcome note. Make sure to leave your bike exactly at the location where you said it would be, and if possible mark it with something distinctive that the user knows about so that they can identify your bike more quickly (beware not to make it too eye-catching for thieves).

Being available

Once the rental period has begun, remain available to help remedy any issues that may arise. Of course we don’t expect anything to go haywire, but even being prepared to answer queries that may arise will make your user feel like you are giving them the best customer experience bike sharing can offer. If you'll be out of the area, provide your bike user with a designated and reliable point of contact. 

Oops...an incident

Incidents can range from a simple though inconvenient puncture, to a situation where the user and/or the bike might be compromised. 

Here a a few scenarios and how you should address them:

Bike breaks down: this could range from a puncture to a dislodged chain or problems with the gears. Why not save yourself some time and prepare a short brief for the user of where they could find help to solve this kind of problem. You can recommend your own trusted bike shop or our partner, the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op

Bike gets stolen: If you receive a message from the user saying that your bike got stolen, encourage them to go to the police immediately and report the theft. Tell them to get a copy of the report. Either of you can get in touch with us with the copy of the report and inform us of the situation. We will the assess the case and reimburse you for your loss in accordance to the total sum we have previously agreed on. We cannot agree to cover you after the incident, so do not rent your bike out until you have received a confirmation from us that we will cover the cost of your bike in the event of theft. It is important that you stress to the user, that they should always lock the bike to a sturdy, immovable object. If we find that this wasn’t the case when the bike got stolen, we may not be able to give you the full refund.

Incident that results in damages to the bike: If you receive a message from the user saying that an incident has occurred where they are safe but the bike has incurred damages, advise them to go to the police and report the situation. You can then refer them your own trusted bike shop or our partner, the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op

Incident that results in damages to the user: You will not be help responsible for this because every user agrees to do a safety check on the bike before they start using it. By doing this, you are exempt from responsibility because you have done your part to make sure the bike is safe to use. Users take full responsibility of what happens to them while they are using your bike. 

Relax, your bike is in safe hands!