Pre-rental information

list your bike lets you rent your bike easily and securely! We are a community of bike sharers passionate about cycling, discovery and access building.

The process for listing your bike is quick and simple. If you have any questions or would like us to help you build your profile, get in touch!

Made it to our website? Create an account (either manually or by using your Facebook login details) and post a listing.

Are you here to make a little extra cash? Choose to rent your bike. Love our sharing culture? Share your bike for free with other members.

To list your bike, let your creative musings ride wild! Choose a title, set a price, write a description and snap a pretty picture of your bike to show off its best qualities. 

tips for writing a stellar listing

How do I choose the right headline?

Your title should be short and snappy. Think of it as a headline that draws your reader in. Your listing will be one of many on our website, and you want to make sure that when a potential user sees your bike’s picture and title, they are convinced that this is the bike for them. Here are a few tips to help you come up with sharp and trendy titles:

  1. Keep it concise - expert headline writers say 5 words or less.
  2. Make each word count - how would you summarise your bike’s unique features? Be specific.
  3. Start with a keyword  - what is it that you want the user to remember about your bike?
  4. Manage expectations - be honest with other community members, this ensures trust. It might also make the potential user want to come back to you again.

What should I charge for my bike?

This is completely up to you. The minimum is £0.50 per day. 

Look around at the prices set by other owners with similar bikes to get an idea.

When making your calculations, don’t forget that Paypal charges 3.4% + 20p for each transaction under £1,500. For example, if you set your price at £1, Paypal will take a cut of £0.23 (rounded number). This means that for your £1/day rental bike, you will earn £0.76/day (rounded number).

What do I write in the description?

Tell your bike’s story. What is it that you love about your bike? What are its best features? How far do you commute with it and how regularly do you use it?

Descriptions have a sweet spot - too short and you might not build enough trust with the user. Too long and you will loose them.

So what’s the sweet spot? Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Inspire - Start with a brief anecdote about you and/or you bike that the user might relate to.
  2. Be specific - Describe your bike as precisely as possible in accessible language. Talk about the gears, brakes and frame, mention whether the chain is well-oiled. Is your bike adjustable to different heights? If it isn’t, what are the minimum and maximum heights at which is can be comfortably used?
  3. Add extras - Will you throw in some extra lights, basket, helmet, lock or tips about visiting Oxford? If so, say so.
  4. Point out the details - What are the handover details? (Collection point and times, your availability, etc.)
  5. Space it out - Separate paragraphs between each section makes things easier to read.

Guide to taking great photos

Make your bike to shine! Give it its best chance, show its best side (quite literally in some cases). If in doubt or if you need a little inspiration, check out other listings.

A few tips:

  1. First impressions count - Always include photos of your bike. This ensures browsers and regular cyclists will fall in love with your bike quicker because you are speeding up their decision-making process. We all love to save time!
  2. Resolution - Most smart phones take good quality photos. You can also use a digital camera. Look out for over-pixelation and blurriness. No one likes to come off over-exposed or faded, and your bike certainly wont like it either.
  3. The right light - Avoid direct sunlight or nighttime when taking your photos. Anything from a bright to overcast day should give you good natural lighting. 
  4. Interesting background - Do you have a favourite spot in Oxford or do you know the location of an interesting brick wall or unusually patterned fence? Go there. It’ll give your photo more character.
  5. Go pro - Frame your bike well, leaving space to the right and left of the bike. Also, the composition of your photo should aim to show 1/4 ground and 3/4 wall.

Be visible, make a profile

Our community is built on safety and trust. 

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. Give us your approximate location and contact details (we will never share personal information, though).
  • We also want to see you! Upload a friendly and clear photo of yourself.

Tips for writing your profile

Should I be concerned to share my personal information?

Not at all. We will never share more than your name and description with other members in the community.

Which location should I give?

Since what you are interested in is renting your bike, we recommend that you choose the approximate location where your bike can be collected from. This way the user gets a clear idea of where they would have to travel to collect your bike.

Do I need to write anything about myself?

It is not essential to write anything about yourself, though a few words about who you are, why you cycle and why you love will foster community and rapport with other members. Do you enjoy cycling on the weekends to the pubs around Oxford? Are you part of a cycling club that meets in the local coffee shop or pub afterwards for a coffee or pint? Who knows, you might make more than just a little money on - you could find long lasting cycle-friendships!

Guide to taking photos

Keep for photo simple, clear and friendly. Remember that in our world first impressions matter and trust starts with how you choose to portray yourself. Make sure your photo has good resolution, decent lighting and good composition. It’s all you, baby!

What else can I do on

There’s much more you can do on our bike sharing site!

You can:

  • Add followers and check out their profiles
  • Add and see reviews
  • Manage your account and notifications
  • Modify your payment plan

Responding to requests

Congrats! Someone very special has noticed your bike, enjoyed reading your profile and contacted you to ask about your bike’s availability. Now you have all the power! 

You can take a number of factors into consideration when deciding whether or not to rent your bike:

  • Will you be needing your bike on the days they are requesting it for? 
  • Have they received good user feedback from reviewers in the past? 
  • Does their profile description and what they are looking for match the bike specs?

You should feel comfortable and confident renting your bike. Who you rent your bike to is completely at your discretion. If they are not a good fit or your bike isn’t available, decline politely, as you would to a friend or family member. Remember they can also review you! 

If they tick all the boxes, set off, respond and confirm the details of the rental (date, time, place for collection). 

Coordinating handovers

Use our messaging system to arrange the details of the handovers. Let the bike user know if you’ll greet them in person or tell them where they can find your bike and the combination of your lock. 

Do you have some extra tips about Oxonian life? Offer them to the user, especially if they are a visitor. You could reassure them about the cycling experience around town, or you may offer to lend them your lights/helmet for free. Make any final arrangements and perhaps nudge them a day or so before the rental period starts.