At Summertown House


With the Pool Bikes at Summertown House we aim to comprehensively improve the cycling experience for residents at Summertown House. Please click here to check out how it works., supported by University of Oxford Innovation, has launched a social marketplace for bike sharing in Oxford ( Our aim is to create a tight knit community of bike sharers and optimise the quality and quantity of cycling in Oxford. We are keen to assist Summertown House cyclists by designing, promoting and operating this bike sharing system at Summertown House.

Summertown House residents can use 10 regularly maintained pool bikes free of charge via an online booking system, for which you can sign up here. Bikes can be booked at any time. The bikes are situated in one of the bike sheds north of the West Block (please see map below - "X" marks the spot!).

If you need a bike for longer periods, just book one of the peer-to-peer bikes or contact us at and we can figure something out!